Natural shampoo doesn’t have to mean ineffective shampoo. Containing 93% natural ingredients our natural shampoo + conditioner is salon quality with a real luxury feel.

At Crystal Earth we believe that we’ve created the best natural shampoo + conditioner for all hair types. Whether you have fine, limp hair, have a dry scalp or have colour treated hair, you’ll find a natural shampoo + conditioner to suit your hair type.

Our natural rose quartz shampoo has been formulated to revive limp hair, reawakening the hair follicles to balance + nourish the hair. The amber quartz shampoo contains Bisabolol extracted from Chamomile, known as a natural powerful remedy for very sensitive skin that calms + soothes dry, irritated scalps. + our Amethyst shampoo formulation is designed to help restore tone, repair + enhance coloured hair whilst easing tension from heat damage.


Although more products are becoming available, high performing sulphate + paraben free shampoo can be hard to come by when shopping from mainstream stores. These harsh chemicals are really not needed to properly cleanse our hair + in reality, sulphate + paraben free shampoo actually keeps hair more moisturised + free from build up.

Parabens + sulphates are not only bad for our hair + bodies, causing irritation + inflammation, but they really damage the environment too. Sadly, these chemicals have been found in the bodies of marine mammals + have been known to cause various allergies, organ toxicity + environmental damage. By using no sulphate shampoo + conditioner you’re being mindful of the effect we have on the environment + the Earth itself.

We’re proud to have made high performing yet gentle shampoo + conditioners without all the sulphates, parabens + other harsh chemicals that fill so many other shampoo bottles.

We know you’ll love our range of paraben + sulphate free shampoo + conditioners as much as we do + we can’t wait for them to enrich your mind, body + soul.