We made Crystal Earth vegan because we believe that high performing luxury hair care doesn’t need to + shouldn’t have to contain animal by-products. We do not see mother earth + her animal kingdom as objects to fulfil our constant need for consuming + destruction, but as an extension of the cosmos + therefore ourselves.

For those who also believe in this way of life, it can be difficult to find the high performing hair products you want that have the right ingredients. Many regular shampoos that are available contain ingredients that derive from animals, including keratin, hyaluronic acid, gelatin, biotin, cetyl alcohol + stearic acid. These types of ingredients are included because they’re cheaper to mass produce, but they are not essential for quality hair cleansing. If you don’t see the label ‘vegan’ you can usually assume that in the process of making the product, some form of animal products or animal derivatives were used.


Not only are our hair care products vegan, they’re cruelty free too which means they are not tested on animals. Our range of shampoo + conditioners are not produced with ingredients that are related to animals, but instead use plant-based, natural, organic + safe substitutes. We are 100% against any kind of animal testing + if you are too, you will love our cruelty free shampoo + conditioner products. Coded with crystal tinctures we have formulated + designed a range of cruelty free hair care products that help strike a balance between the body + mind.

Ethical consumerism is extremely important to us + by using non-animal ingredients we get to achieve this. Remember, vegan does not mean cruelty-free + vice versa. So when shopping for ethical products be mindful of these two distinct labels. However, you can rest assured that Crystal Earth products are always both vegan + cruelty free.


From the food we eat to the products we use, we all know that what our bodies interact with is incredibly important to our overall health + wellbeing. Not just physically but mentally - it’s all connected. Hair products are no different. That’s why we’ve formulated a range of natural shampoo + conditioner products that don’t compromise on our ethos: be kind to yourself + the planet.

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