The Team

David Fletcher (pictured) or ‘Fletch’ as he’s known in the industry, trained at Tony & Guy in Manchester. He began his career working in the salon of the world-wide luxury cruise liner ‘Freedom of The Seas’, before becoming the Creative Director for Unite – who make hair products for industry professionals – helping to establish + sell their products into all global territories. From there David went on to become a lead stylist in the prestigious ‘Urban Retreat’ hair salon in Harrods, before going on to work on hit TV shows – Strictly Come Dancing + Dancing on Ice.

Soo Wilkinson (pictured) + John Grant of multi – disciplinary award winning Manchester based design studio Igloo Design, specialise in the concept + design of bars, restaurants, nightclubs, immersive events + product design.

Greg Adshead is a Melbourne based property developer + entrepreneur, who also happens to be David’s cousin!


“After a cycling accident in 2016, I had to take six months off work due to having a metal plate fitted in my arm. I spent that summer in Ibiza recuperating, meditating + keeping warm (to help my arm heal).

My dream has always been to launch my own hair product + one day whilst meditating + looking across at Es Vedra I had a eureka moment! I realised that the industry I worked in needed a product that was professional salon quality yet didn’t contain harsh chemicals such as parabens, silicones or sulphates that are usually found in most high performing hair products. When I meditate I use crystals + I thought it would be really cool to infuse the product with essences of crystals for additional well being.

From Ibiza I travelled on to Australia to visit my family out there + on a day out walking with my cousin Greg, we stumbled across a goldmine where I found some untouched quartz. Apparently where there’s quartz there’s gold. I thought “wow, this is a good omen.” It felt that the universe was sending me a message to pursue my dreams!

I then returned to the UK armed with my quartz + an idea. I called upon my good friends Soo + John as I wanted them to design the packaging as well as collaborate on developing the concept. We composed a business plan + after many wine induced brainstorms around their kitchen table, we landed on the name Crystal Earth.

Crystal Earth perfectly summed up our ethos + we also loved how it formed into a futuristic logo by combining the NASA abbreviation for the word crystal ‘XTAL’ with the universal sign for earth ‘♁’. We now had an ethos, a unique bottle design, a name + our logo + were ready to embark on the long + winding road of manifesting XTAL♁ into an actual product…”


First of all they had to find a UK based hair care manufacturer to help develop the formula + scents. Then came the slightly trickier challenge of finding someone to make the complex crystal shaped bottle. During the next 12 months they had developed the first product formula + found a bottle manufacturer + were ready to seek financial investment in order to bring the product to market, in steps Greg + together they formally established Yaia Hair Ltd.

Team Yaia have now fully developed four products to date: Rose Quartz, Amber + Amethyst, all of which are 93% natural, + an organic 2-in-1 product infused with Green Fluorite. With three more products in the pipeline, Azurite, Jasper + Black Tourmaline, they will complete the full range of chakra aligned, crystal coded shampoo + conditioners. Further into the future the team wants to add finishing creams, sprays + hair treatments to complete the full range of XTAL♁ products.

This is only the beginning!


Es Vedra is a small rocky Island off the western coast of the Spanish island of Ibiza. Rumour has it the monolithic limestone rock formation of Es Vedra, is the third most magnetic point in the world.