How do I make my hair less frizzy?

How do I make my hair less frizzy?

This time of year can be a bit of a struggle for those with frizz-prone hair. Frizzy hair grabs hold of any moisture it can + with drizzly damp days pretty common during December, unruly hair can leave you feeling like you quite literally want to rip your hair out. (Don’t do that…) If you’re looking to fight the frizz, here are some of our tips for making your hair less frizzy.

Try a Cold Water Rinse

It may feel good jumping into a steaming hot bath or shower at this time of year but lowering the temperature protects your hair (+ skin!) by preventing overdrying + frizzy hair. A cold rinse at the end of your shower can help seal your hair’s cuticles + reduce frizz whilst drying. 

Choose a Conditioning Shampoo

Many shampoos are filled with harsh chemicals that can actually be over-drying. Opt for a nourishing shampoo + conditioner combination that can help detangle hair + realign hair fibres to reduce frizz. Frizzy hair is always on the lookout for moisture so the more hydration you give it in the cleansing process, the less likely it is to seek it out throughout the day. 

Invest in a Microfibre Towel

The way you dry your hair could be contributing to your frizz. Rubbing your hair with a standard towel can rough up your cuticle + lead to frizziness. Invest in a microfibre towel + make sure you’re gentle when getting the excess moisture from your hair. Microfibre towels are made from finer fibres which results in less friction + snagging on your hair. 

Detangle Hair With a Wide-Tooth Comb

When detangling, use a brush designed for wet hair. Wide-tooth combs are ideal for frizz-prone hair because they have more space for hair to pass through the teeth, which helps to prevent breakage. 

Use a Blow Dryer With Ionic Technology

Letting your hair dry naturally can help reduce frizz but if you need to use a blow dryer, choose one with ionic technology. Ionic dryers use a magnet, which pulls water out of the hair + it helps seal the cuticle down more smoothly. Stay away from a very high heat setting too as constantly drying with high heat can be damaging. 

Use a Nourishing Hair Mask

Hair masks are fantastic for all hair types but are especially helpful for fighting frizz because they create a barrier to help seal in essential hydration + prevent style-ruining moisture. We should end this post saying that yes we all want perfect, glossy hair with lots of volume + shine. But nobody had perfect hair because nobody is perfect. So whilst we’re more than happy to share our professional advice with you to help reduce your frizz, we’d also like to suggest that you try + embrace your hair. It’s your hair + it’s important to practice self acceptance + self love. Embrace the frizz. Love the frizz!