There’s a Crystal in my Duo Gift Set… What Should I Do?

There’s a Crystal in my Duo Gift Set… What Should I Do?

Let’s set the scene… you’re opening your brand-new Crystal Earth Duo, everything is in the box as expected: one shampoo + one conditioner. But there’s also a little something extra… and some of you may be wondering what to do with your crystal now!

We thought we would share our tips with our tribe on how to nurture your crystal + unlock its potential.


Before we go into how to nurture your crystal, it will need activating. Firstly, cleanse your crystal using one of the below methods (running water might be the easiest to achieve) + then follow this 3-5 minute exercise to activate your crystal + tune it to your positive energy.

Hold the crystal in your hands and close your eyes, take a quiet moment for yourself and concentrate on the breath - breathing in + breathing out, slowly + purposefully. Pay close attention to your breath - be with your breath. When you feel your mind has started to calm + you feel your body relax, think of a happy memory. Your first happy memory from your childhood, bring it to the forefront of the mind - remember how you felt that day, remember where you were, who you was with. Remember every detail about that time - feel it.

Feel the crystal in your hand, feel where it touches your skin, feel its energy, feel its atoms vibrate in sync with your atoms. Now, let the happiness of that memory fill your crystal. Take a couple of breaths + know that you have achieved what you set out to do.

You have programmed your crystal.


Once your crystal has been activated, it would benefit from a little bathe in the moonlight. This recharges the crystal + reconnects it with the Earth. Placing the crystal in direct contact with the Earth is best, so if you have a back garden, this would be an ideal place for it. Take your crystal out before the Sun sets + leave it until the morning to do its thing - make sure you go + collect it in the morning though as too much exposure to the elements can weather the stone. If you don’t have a garden, leave it in a plant pot on top of the soil in a windowsill during the full moon.


A quick + easy way to cleanse your crystal is to run it under water for a minute. Running water is said to cleanse. Using a natural source like a stream is best because of the connection to the earth, but doing it at the kitchen or bathroom sink will work just as well. The main thing to bear in mind is the crystal must be submerged in whatever water you choose to cleanse it with.


Another way of cleansing your crystal is to bury it in brown rice for 24 hours - a bit like one would do if they dropped their phone in water but without the sheer panic! - the rice draws out + absorbs any negativity the crystal may contain. Make sure to dispose of the rice afterwards as the energy will remain in the rice.


Last but not least, this tip uses a tool we all have access to - our breath. Forceful breaths onto the stone help raise it to its highest vibrations + cleanses the stone. Place the stone in your dominant hand + focus on your breath, breathing in deeply. Bring the stone to your face before exhaling sharply onto the stone for around thirty seconds. This method is also useful for mediation as these deep breaths will allow you to clear your mind + focus only on the crystal - it’s a win-win!

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