Thinking about cutting your hair during lockdown? PUT DOWN THE SCISSORS

Thinking about cutting your hair during lockdown? PUT DOWN THE SCISSORS

As part of our current lockdown measures in the UK, hairdressers are temporarily closed. With the lockdown coming into effect with very little warning, not everyone had the time to get their hair done before they shut. With lockdown due to end on December 2nd, where the country will then likely enter into a regional tier system, it’s not clear when hair salons will actually be reopened.

Obviously at this point, many people will have gone months without having their hair done + I’m seeing a lot of publications capitalising on this, creating articles like ‘How to cut your hair at home.’ Yes, I see you…

If you’re tempted to cut your own hair at home, following these advice pieces, my very strong suggestion would be to put the scissors down + back away!

Cutting your hair at home never ever goes well. Didn't you learn anything from being a teenager? We encourage everyone who is desperate to get back to the hairdresser to just be patient - we can’t wait to see you too! But personally, I don’t want to be spending time fixing your homemade mistakes, I’d rather concentrate on giving you the fabulous hair that you want.

To keep you going until your next cut, here are some lockdown hair care tips I’d recommend…

Avoid heat

After the first lockdown we had, so many of my clients came back to be with really healthy hair. Why? They’d all reduced the amount of heat they were using on their hair. With many people working from home + shops, restaurants + bars closed, constantly drying, straightening + curling their hair wasn’t a necessity. Avoiding heat can do wonders for your hair, helping you avoid split ends + that urge to reach for the scissors.

Use hair masks + treatments

Adding hair masks or leave-in conditioning treatments will help nourish your hair + help prevent breakage + splitting. Look for treatments that are specific to your hair type for example, frizzy or coloured.

Go sulphate-free

Switching to sulphate-free shampoo + conditioner will help to maintain your hair, especially if you have coloured hair. Sulphates are also very effective at stripping out colour so a sulphate-free shampoo + conditioner will help maintain you colour over lockdown. Also, if you have hair extensions, sulphates in shampoos can actually cause them to degrade more quickly leaving - not what you need over lockdown.

We’re proud to have made high performing yet gentle shampoo + conditioners without all the sulphates, parabens + other harsh chemicals that fill so many other shampoo bottles. Pick up a set today + your hair will be in good hands until you can get to your nearest salon!