7 tips for styling heat damaged hair

7 tips for styling heat damaged hair

Heat damage is a common concern and is an issue many hairdressers get asked about. Whilst the days of putting down a towel + getting the actual iron out to flatten your hair are thankfully behind us, straighteners rode in pretty quickly to take the iron’s place.

The ceramic layer on straightener plates are designed to protect hair from the effects of heat but using them consistently will eventually cause damage to the hair.

If you’re concerned about heat damage, here are some tips for styling your hair.

Tip number 1: Stop using extreme heat on your hair!

This cannot be stressed enough, but when you have heat damaged hair the first thing you need to do is to stop putting extreme heat on your hair. All the best products in the world aren’t going to improve your hair if you’re using damagingly high heat every day. Using a hair dryer is fine but just turn down the heat!

Tip number 2: Stop bleaching your hair

Bleaching your hair or undergoing other extreme colour technical services is only going to put your already damaged hair under more stress, causing dryness + breakages. Put down the bleach + take a break from colours if you can!

Tip number 3: Get a good cut

Ahh a good cut can transform even the most damaged hair! Your hairdresser will be able to get rid of any split ends + tidy up your style for you + you may even realise that your hair isn’t so damaged after all. Fantastic hair always starts with a fantastic cut + once you’ve been for a good cut you can really start looking after your locks.

Tip number 4: Always use heat protection

Before you dry your hair always use a heat protection product + run it though with a detangling brush. Similarly, if you absolutely must use straighteners or curlers make sure your hair is protected first.

Tip number 5: Use nourishing masks

Heat damaged hair needs some extra TLC so it’s a good idea to treat yourself + your hair to a nourishing mask a couple of times a week + then reduce to a weekly basis or as needed.

Tip number 6: Choose your hair care products wisely

It’s really important to look at what you’re using on your hair + by extension, your body. Many hair care products contain sulphates + parabens derived from petrochemicals which can be extremely harsh on the hair + can cause irritation + inflammation - something nobody needs but especially those with heat damaged hair. Always check the ingredients of your products before you purchase + use them. Our crystal coded Rose Quartz shampoo + conditioner helps dissolve stress + tension from heat damage, uses 93% natural ingredients + are free from parabens, sulphates + silicones.

Tip number 7: Take steps to de-stress yourself

The daily stresses of life can take a toll on our mind + body + this build up of stress can manifest itself physically in things like our skin + hair. So whilst heat may be causing the damage to your hair, stress can also play a part. Take the time to de-stress + show yourself, your mind + your body a little love. It goes a long way...

Did you know?

Tourmaline is used in some hair straighteners because it emits negative ions that neutralise the positive ions in dry, damaged hair to make it easier to style with less heat!