How do I create volume + condition at the same time?

How do I create volume + condition at the same time?

When it comes to hair care, creating volume whilst conditioning your hair may seem impossible. But with the right products, the holy grail can easily be achieved…

For those used to generic high street products, having fine hair has probably meant that conditioners have been expelled from the bathroom for fear of clogging hair, making it greasy + weighing it down. But that’s because many shampoo + conditioners contain parabens, silicones + petrochemicals which leave a waxy build up in the hair.

Take out the silicones, take out the build up right? Not exactly...

Frustratingly, many 100% natural hair care products replace these silicones with oil which comes with its own problems. Oil can make hair heavy + over time, builds up leaving it lank + greasy. Not ideal.

So using these types of products aren’t going to give you the luscious locks you want either.

Weightless volume with paraben-free shampoo + conditioner

Instead of taking out the silicone completely, we use natural silicones in our shampoo + conditioners which condition + moisturise hair without creating heavy build up. So whilst our products don’t claim to be 100% natural, our 93% natural hair care range performs so much better.

Balancing + nourishing rose quartz

Our rose quartz shampoo + conditioner is specifically designed to create volume for limp, lifeless hair whilst giving the nourishment that we all need. This shampoo formulation is designed to balance + nourish + breathe life into tired limp hair. Use the shampoo with our crystal coded rose quartz conditioner and feel the stress + tension from heat damage simply dissolve. We’ve added apple cider vinegar to help remove toxins + product build up, creating a weightless shine.

When creating this shampoo + conditioner duo it was so important to us that we got the smell right. One of life’s little luxuries is opening up a new hair care product + letting the aroma envelop you. With this crystal coded set you enjoy an opulent floriental fragrance with top notes of bergamot + pepper, a floral heart of rose, jasmine + red berry undertones, finished with a base of patchouli, sandalwood, amber, musk + moss.

Did you know?

“If you remove the nozzle from your hair dryer for the first 5 minutes of blow drying and blast the hair in a circular motion, the roots will dry with maximum volume!”