How many times a week should I be washing my hair?

How many times a week should I be washing my hair?

There seems to be a lot of unnecessary mythology about frequency of hair washing. It’s something people feel very strongly about...

“You should only wash your hair once a week”

“Every other day is the right amount of hair washing”

“Too much washing makes your hair dry/greasy…”

“Washing your hair every day is harmful!”

You’ve probably heard all of those statements. But what’s the truth?

Well, we’re going to let you into the super shocking, hairdresser approved secret to hair washing frequency…

You should wash your hair when it’s dirty!

Seriously, if your hair is dirty then you should wash it - it’s as simple as that! There’s no magic formula, no written rules or code of conduct that’s set in stone. We believe in always having clean hair so you should just wash your hair whenever it needs it.

Of course, that will be different for different people, depending on your hair type + lifestyle factors. 

Those with dryer hair may feel that they don’t need to wash their hair as much as those who have oily hair + that’s fine. 

Similarly, if you go to the gym every day (good for you for getting that mental + physical well-being boost!) + get super sweaty, washing your hair afterwards makes sense for you + your specific circumstances.

Self-care is intrinsically linked to self-expression + personalised experiences so if you only wash your hair once a week + that works for you, great. If you wash your hair every single day - also great. 

What’s more important to your hair health is the type of products you use - rather than how much you use them.

Invest in a quality, natural shampoo

Everyone one of us should be using shampoo + conditioner that is high-performing, but has as many natural ingredients as possible + is free from harmful chemicals such as sulphates, parabens + silicones. But especially those of us that like to wash our hair more frequently.

Our Rose Quartz shampoo + conditioner uses 93% natural ingredients as opposed to detergent-based sulphates which means you can wash your hair as regularly as you need without doing any damage. Remember to always take a little extra time to massage in the conditioner + enjoy the experience, self care is health care!

We have formulated the product to deeply nourish + balance the hair + scalp without weighing the hair down or making it feel greasy giving even the finest hair a healthy + bouncy shine!