The rise of vegan friendly beauty products

The rise of vegan friendly beauty products

Ethical consumerism is becoming more mainstream

The rise of ethical consumerism means there has been a huge shift towards vegan friendly products, made with no animal products or derivatives. This has massively helped the growth of the vegan beauty market in particular, + has meant those who have been following a vegan lifestyle now have access to more varied products.

Vegan beauty products used to be rather niche + it was quite difficult to find the type of product you wanted, with the quality to match. But now, as more people pursue a sustainable + vegan friendly lifestyle, vegan beauty products are finally becoming more accessible.

A value over price approach

People are also willing to pay higher prices for sustainable products, including vegan beauty products, + would rather choose products that align with their personal values + ethics, even if it means spending a little more money. Animal by-products have consistently + historically been used in beauty products because they are easy to source + cheap to manufacture on a large scale. However, with consumers now preferring to pay more for an ethical, vegan beauty line, brands can afford to spend more sourcing non-animal products without worrying about passing on the extra cost to their customers.

Vegan doesn’t necessarily mean healthy

Unfortunately, just because a beauty product is vegan, doesn’t make it healthy. It’s important to really read the ingredient list on vegan products to see whether they are filled with harsh chemicals or ingredients that aren’t the best for us - such as silicones, sulphates + parabens. Many all natural, vegan products don’t perform the best as can cause things like separation + bacteria growth. So it’s about getting the balance right + the perfect combination of natural, non-animal derived ingredients with effective additives or preservatives that don’t harm us or the environment.

Our ethos

At Crystal Earth, we believe that as custodians of the planet, we must do all we can to take good care of it (including the living things on it), while also nurturing our own wellbeing. That’s why we’ve developed our line of vegan friendly hair products...

Our vegan friendly shampoo + conditioner range uses 93% natural ingredients + are free from parabens, sulphates + silicones. Rather than using 100% natural ingredients it was important to us to ensure we were creating not only a vegan hair care line, but a quality hair care line. So the other 7% is made up of non-harsh chemicals + preservatives that ensure our shampoo + conditioner does its job, whilst still being as gentle to you + the environment as possible.

Additionally, to facilitate a circular economy for all of our packaging, we've made our bottles + boxes from a 100% recyclable material.

We’re thrilled + excited to be part of the growing vegan beauty community + we can’t wait to see how it develops.