How to care for a sensitive scalp

How to care for a sensitive scalp

Symptoms of a sensitive scalp

Is your scalp burning, tingling + itching? Is it painful + red? Maybe it just feels tight + uncomfortable. Chances are you have a sensitive scalp!

When your scalp doesn’t produce enough sebum, you’ll likely get a dry scalp + a sort of pulling feeling. Whereas if your scalp produces excess sebum, it can create an imbalance in your microbial flora which can lead to itching.

Dandruff is another symptom of a sensitive scalp. The shedding of dead skin cells is completely normal when we wash our hair, however, when this process is accelerated you end up with continuous shedding + irritation.

What causes a sensitive scalp?

There are many external + internal factors that can contribute to a sensitive scalp.

Lifestyle factors such as stress, extreme fatigue + an unbalanced diet can affect your skin’s pH balance + can cause issues with your scalp. Similarly, things like the sun, pollution + central heating during the winter months can irritate + dry out the scalp causing tenderness + tightness.

How you treat your hair can also have a huge impact on your scalp. Things such as colouring, bleaching + overuse of heat can all take a toll on your scalp.

Soothing a sensitive scalp

Rinse, rinse, rinse

Making sure you thoroughly rinse out your products is key - a clean scalp is so important if you’ve got some issues. Products that contain silicones can linger on the scalp so it’s best to avoid those. You don’t want product build up which can further irritate your scalp.

Head massages

A fantastic way to soothe + prevent scalp sensitivity is by treating yourself to a head massage. Head massages encourage circulation, follicle stimulation + healthy hair growth, whilst helping to ease away any scalp stress + tension.

Choose your products wisely

Stay away from hair products that contain ingredients such as harsh chemicals + sulphates. Sulphates can cause irritation on the scalp + even dermatitis. You can read more about why sulphates are bad for your hair here.

Remember, a shampoo doesn’t have to get super foamy to provide an effective clean! We have formulated our Rose Quartz shampoo + conditioner to deeply nourish + balance the hair + scalp. Because we use natural ingredients as opposed to detergent–based sulphates you can use Crystal Earth Rose Quartz as regularly as you need without irritating your scalp. Remember to always take a little extra time to massage in the conditioner + enjoy the experience, self care is health care!

We’re also going to be releasing a new shampoo + conditioner set that is designed to help soothe irritation on your scalp. Crystal coded with Amber, the shampoo formulation has been designed to have a calming effect on your scalp. Use with Crystal coded Amber conditioner to thoroughly recharge + soothe your scalp. Contains Bisabolol extracted from Chamomile, known as a natural powerful remedy for very sensitive, easily inflamed + irritated scalps.

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