Maintaining your health + wellbeing whilst working from home

Maintaining your health + wellbeing whilst working from home

2020 has been a year + a half already + we’re only in October. It’s brought with it so many struggles + hurdles with the coronavirus pandemic disrupting our entire way of life + that has had a massive effect on our overall health + wellbeing.

With many of us now from home, it’s never been more important to ensure that we’re taking the time to focus on self-care + your mental + physical welfare.

Here are three easy tips for making it work for you.

Set yourself some boundaries

When your home becomes your place of work lines can get blurred + you can fall into unhealthy habits. Make sure you’re setting yourself some clear boundaries for example, defining your working hours + sticking to them, + taking a lunch break. With these in place you’re more likely to stay mentally healthy + happy.

Remember to move

Exercise is so important to our mental + physical wellbeing but when we’re at home, it’s so easy to fall in the trap of not moving all day. There’s no commute + your new work space is just a few steps away so if you don’t make the effort to get some steps in it’s all too easy to find that when 5pm rolls around you’ve only moved to make a brew or nip to the loo! Take the time to stretch, move your legs + even take yourself for a lunchtime walk to ensure you’re maintaining your mobility. You can use your home space to your advantage. Can you fit in a morning gym class now you don’t have to commute? Can you do some lunchtime yoga?

Maintain human interaction

Technology has advanced so that we can stay connected to our colleagues online wherever we’re working from. But speaking via apps + through text isn’t the same as face to face or even phone interactions. It can leave you feeling quite isolated + shut off from the world, especially if you live alone. So it’s important to try + maintain a healthy level of human interaction. Try asking your company to set up a weekly Zoom meeting or a daily phone call - that way you can stay connected.

Take time to meditate

Meditation is a fantastic way to destress, unwind + re-centre yourself. If you’re feeling particularly anxious about being cooped up at home, meditation can be a wonderful tool to reduce anxiety + refocus your mind. There are tons of meditation apps you can use + even as little as five minutes a day can be enough!

We asked our co- founder David for his meditation tips … “put on some ambient music, close your eyes and imagine you’re in your happy place - mine is my favourite beach in Ibiza, where coincidently I conceived the original idea for Crystal Earth! Even a short ten minute meditation transforms me to the relaxed state of mind that I’m in when I’m actually in Ibiza. Leaving me feeling recharged, centred + less stressed about the day to day stuff + the worries we’re all facing due to the current situation we all find ourselves in.”

Working from home can be tough for some people + if you’re one of those people, try implementing the above + see if it helps to boost your wellbeing, both mentally + physically. You might even find that your work productivity increases!