Autumn/winter hair care tips

Autumn/winter hair care tips

Here at XTAL♁, we love the autumn/winter season. As the weather gets colder, the leaves change colour + the nights draw in, there’s so much to look forward to… Hallowe’en, the winter solstice, Christmas + not forgetting the incredibly rare Hallowe’en Blue Moon!

But whilst this season is filled with mulled wine, chunky jumpers + cosy nights in, this time of year can be a little harsh on our hair.

If you want to make sure your hair stays fabulous throughout the colder months, here are some autumn/winter hair care tips for you to try.

Consider a humidifier

During this time we tend to put the heating on a lot more + whilst this keeps us lovely + cosy, it actually dries the air out in our homes. This can have a negative effect on our hair leaving it dryer + lacking much needed moisture. A humidifier is a great investment as it replaces moisture lost in the air + not only does that help your hair stay hydrated, it can help your throat + chest too.

However, if like me, you have curly or frizz prone hair, you’re going to want to ignore this point completely. Moisture makes curly hair frizzier and more unmanageable so a humidifier is the last thing you want - don’t worry I feel your pain!

Think about your hat choice

At this time of year the hat is the accessory of choice + whilst it’s great to protect your hair from the elements with a cosy hat, wool, cotton, + other fabrics can cause breakage as well. So lining your hat with silk or satin can help prevent damage.

Get a regular trim

Getting a regular trim reduces the chance of your hair breaking off at the ends due to dryness or splitting. We would always advise you to get a regular cut whatever time of year it is but it’s especially important during the colder months.

Think about turning the shower temperature down

A hot steamy shower either at the start or end of your day may feel like a little slice of bliss but having your shower too hot can damage your hair making it more brittle. Try + stick to warm water + even throw in a cool rinse at the end for ultimate shine!

If you’re feeling extra brave, turn the shower to freezing cold. Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it - a blast of freezing water is so rejuvenating and researchers from Cambridge University have discovered that cold water exposure may protect the brain from degenerative diseases like dementia, which is why I go wild swimming once a week!

Try not to use too much heat

Overstyling with hairdryers, curling tongs or straighteners increases your chance of breakages + can leave hair dry + unmanageable (which ultimately leads to more overstyling!). Try + keep heat to a minimum when it comes to your hair + you’ll soon see the benefit.

Never leave the house with wet hair

However, we would always advise to make sure your hair is completely dry before you leave the house. Wet hair is most vulnerable + exposing it to the elements won’t do it any favours + to be honest, wet hair outside is not the best look.

One time, I was teaching in North Dakota and was running a little late (I know, I know) so I left the hotel with wet hair. MY HAIR FROZE. It was twenty minutes of sitting in the car with the heater on before I could even touch my hair for fear of it snapping off...

Use a weekly treatment

Whilst you're settling down for a mug of mulled wine or partaking in a little meditation practice, pop on a hair treatment to really give your hair + scalp the love + attention it deserves. Find a treatment designed specifically for your hair type for maximum benefit.

Our Rose Quartz shampoo + conditioner is designed to balance + nourish the hair whilst giving a weightless shine. It’s the perfect set to see you through the autumn/winter season + will breathe life into tired, limp hair caused by the cold harsh weather.