VIP access: behind the scenes of Strictly with Fletch

VIP access: behind the scenes of Strictly with Fletch

Fletch: As I write this I would normally be getting ready for my first day of the season which in previous years has been filmed on the August Bank holiday.

However, it’s gonna be very different this year with all the COVID restrictions. I’m so glad that it’s still going ahead though, as so many people tell me how much they love the show as it brings glitz and glamour and lots of sparkle and spray tan to the nation’s Saturday Night!

We asked Fletch some juicy questions that we’ve always wanted answering about what it’s REALLY like behind the scenes of Strictly Come Dancing...

Q. How do you do such drastic hair changes when the performers do more than one dance per show?

A. Some of the group dances are pre recorded so they are done before the main show! However some of the biggest changes are done live during the show, these are my favourite as it’s got be done quickly and there’s no room for error! Often when their makeup and costume is getting changed at the same time! We work as a team and that’s one of the main reasons why I love working on this show! Working with some of the most talented hairstylists in the industry you just learn soooo much. At every stage of my career I’ve worked with the best of the best and learnt everything I can off them. And that is still happening now.

Q. What’s the secret to keeping hair in place when there’s so much spinning!

A. Pins and prayers! Lol. It’s a very unique style of hair styling! You’ve got to make the hair look effortlessly natural, often using hair pieces and wigs, without making it look stiff or rigid. There are certain tricks I’ve learnt over the years - I remember one of my first ‘dos’ was a hair up for a Charleston and it had a pearl band over her forehead and when she started ‘charlstoning’ her head was bobbing up and down and I thought please stay on! Finger biting stuff! It stayed on! 🎉

Q. Where do you get inspiration for all the amazing hairstyles?

A. For each dance there is a concept document that explains in detail the set/lighting design, costume, and hair and make up. Lisa works with production and designs the hair for each couple. Our job is to be able to do it in an hour and make all the quick changes for each number throughout the day.

Q. Have any celebrities ever made you change their hairstyle after you’ve done it?

A. For sure! There are so many elements to be considered when you're dancing such as different holds, dance moves and jumps - even how the neck is shown off in some dances! So there’s always technical changes. However, it is a competition at the end of the day so making the celeb feel as confident as possible is the most important thing, so making them feel 100% is always my goal.

Q. Do the celebrities and professional dancers have the same amount of time spent on their hair?

A. Yes, everyone initially gets an hour in hair and an hour in makeup, and then we have 5 mins here or 5 mins there throughout the day for touch ups and changes.

Q. Have there been any high-maintenance divas you were glad got eliminated?

A. Are you joking! I’m Mr Namaste honey and would never be glad someone got voted out 😉

Q. On a scale of 1-10 how chaotic is the backstage atmosphere?

A. It can be a 1 all the way up to 10! It’s a long day as we have to fit the hair in around everything else on the schedule so sometimes when they are rehearsing we have downtime. And then all the way up to a 10 when we’ve got to do a full group quick change in less than 3 mins!!!

Q. How many cans of hair sprays do you use per show?
A. I wouldn’t like to guess but I’d say a lot! When you're creating this kind of hair, preparation is key! Building the foundation with product into the hair is so important so that the hair will behave and do as we tell it!