93% natural shampoo + conditioner free from harsh chemicals

93% natural shampoo + conditioner free from harsh chemicals

When we first had the idea to create Crystal Earth Holistic Hair we knew it was so important to create hair care products that contained no harsh chemicals + were mild enough for anyone + everyone to use.

Our ethos is to be kind to yourself + the planet + part of that includes using products + ingredients that aren’t harmful to ourselves or the environment.

In fact, our range of hair products are so mild our children use them on their delicate scalps with no problem whatsoever.

So what’s actually in our shampoo + conditioner?

93% natural ingredients

Why 93% + not 100% you ask? Well, to be honest, in order to create a salon quality, high-performing product, it isn’t possible to go 100% natural. As much as we would love to have a purely natural product, we still want it to actually work + so 93% was the very best compromise possible.

No parabens, sulphates or silicones

We don’t use any of these harsh chemicals in our hair products because they’re really not necessary for a quality hair product + they can be quite damaging to your hair + the environment. We’ve gone into more detail about parabens + sulphates on our blog + will soon be doing a post dedicated to silicones!

No animal or animal-derived products

We’re proud to say all of our products are vegan with no animal or animal-derived products used in the formulation of our shampoo + conditioner. Additionally, all our products are cruelty-free which means they’re not tested on animals in any way shape or form. So many mainstream products are unfortunately only one or the other which we know can be frustrating to consumers.

We’re proud to have made high performing yet gentle shampoo + conditioners without all the sulphates, parabens + other harsh chemicals that fill so many other shampoo bottles. Currently we have rose quartz shampoo that is formulated to balance + nourish + breathe life into tired limp hair. Our crystal coded rose quartz conditioner aims to dissolve stress + tension from any heat damage. We use apple cider vinegar to remove toxins + product build up, creating a weightless shine.

Coming soon will be our calming + soothing amber hair care set + our toning + conditioning amethyst hair care set. Stay up to date with everything XTAL by signing up to our newsletter below + following our social channels.

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